The very first samples of the Turkish Illumination Art trace its roots back to Uyghurs. Interacting with the existing Anatolian Culture following the settlement of Seljuks, the Illumination Art developed rapidly during the reign of Selim the Grim in Ottoman Empire.
The reign of Suleiman the Magnificent in Ottoman History is considered to be the heyday of Illumination Art.

It is this very period when navy-blue became the color of the era and important illumination artworks were produced through intensive usage of gold in ateliers of the Ottoman Palace.

Turkish Illumination Art, gradually faded away and hoped to restore its glorious days throughout centuries, has managed to maintain its presence thanks to the initiatives taken, following foundation of the Republic of Turkey.

As of 1980’s, Turkish Illumination Art has somewhat restored its prestige and grown interest among masses.

Since 2005, Dilara, as an artist, has been one of the vanguards to promote the Illumination Art throughout Turkey and the world.

In line with this important mission, she organized a seminar regarding Turkish Illumination Art in 2013 upon an invitation from Kuwait.

Due to the considerable interest to the seminars in Turkey and Kuwait, she felt the urge to organize more in Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Dilara, devoted herself to contribute to the promotion of Illumination Art, has created a brand named “Unique By Dilara Yarcı” in January 2019 to further her cause.

Absent from digital support, Dilara paves the way for splendid handicrafts to interact with daily life by carefully and patiently colorizing and engilding her designs into paper.

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